computer assisted super pipeline

Smart control solution and real-time data visualization for existing geothermal heat probe systems with the help of machine learning and IoT.


Everywhere around us, a multitude of smart and connected devices are taking care of energy, resource and comfort monitoring and optimization. In comparison the backbone of green energy solutions which are often hidden from our eyes are built on principles from the ‘50s. As a joint effort of multiple companies we decided to change the status quo and further optimize the most efficient green energy solution in heating and cooling. We decided to make closed-loop geothermal heat probe systems 25% more efficient, lower their maintenance needs and let everyone see what is going on underground with the help of data visualization.

Scope of Work

Business Analysis - Project Management - Web Development - Machine Learning Services - IoT Prototyping - DevOps - QA


As a research and development project we started with the hardware. Our aim was to iteratively create a control hardware prototype using existing IoT technologies and services. We tried out various sensors and control solutions until we were able to finalize our first prototype. Since the data collected from our hardware is the base of any further optimization we had to construct our data center capable of handling time series-data. To help support the understanding and analysis of the collected data we had to visualize all of the stored information. The end product also has a customer-facing dashboard providing a subset of these visualizations in a web application. To achieve the optimization goals set, various algorithms are being tested currently.

Used technologies

Python, C, PlatformIO, carbon (Time Series DB), ESP32, TensorFlow


The feedback from industry leaders in the green energy sector was extremely positive. We have installed our prototypes at a factory and an office building to further optimize the operation and the algorithms behind the smart controls. Manufacturing preparation is in progress. The first commercial site installation is planned to start in 2020.

The project is getting more and more internationally recognized. We are honored to be awarded with Startup Europe Awards, Hungary: Best Startup, Green Category and Climate Launchpad, Hungary: Best Green Energy Startup in 2019.

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