An animated art presentation app unique in both visuals and technologies used


The team at Cinepster envisioned a platform where users can freely create online presentations using full motion art templates.They worked together with established Hungarian artists to create animated art in their own style. Our task had two parts. The more traditional task of creating the online platform and the unique challenge of presenting customized, interactive full motion animations seamlessly on mobile and desktop.

Scope of Work

Business Analysis - Project Management - DevOps - Web Development- UX/UI - QA


After careful analysis we decided that the presentations should be rendered in real time instead of a server-side pre-rendering solution. With this decision we cut back cost and complexity on the server side significantly. However new challenges arose on the client side where the performance had to stay stable even on low-end mobile devices. We used the latest WebGL solutions and techniques used in game development to achieve this. We successfully converted all participating artists’ vision into real time rendered interactive software running in the browser. To house this we created a web platform where Users can create, manage, share and publish their presentations.

Used technologies

Java SpringBoot - AWS - S3 - WebGL - Riot.js - Pixi.js

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