A mobile-first food business that serves the Big Apple’s notoriously hard-to-please Millennial residents


FreshDirect decided to launch a sister business and build a unique and custom shopping experience from the ground up that connects consumers to the freshest, tastiest finds in food, drinks, and lifestyle essentials, all delivered within an hour. Foodkick launched in Brooklyn and Queens with Android and iOS apps and FreshDirect knew that to expand to Manhattan they need to establish a web presence.

Scope of Work

Business Analysis - Agile Management - DevOps - Web Development - QA


We helped in the planning and execution of a component-based design approach with FreshDirect’s UX and design team. Based on this work with respect for the in-house technology stack we built a custom e-commerce site with AngularJS. We wrote a lot of detailed automated tests to make sure all the components work properly and securely.

Since the pilot already launched the web-based shopping experience required to respect and use as much of the available mobile APIs as possible. We analyzed then tailored the existing APIs to serve the new site and made sure that the development had no effect on the ongoing operation of the mobile apps.

Besides providing technology services we knew that to reach the tight deadline of 5 months we need to transform the existing enterprise development practices into agile Scrum. We helped to redefine the in-house deployment, release and testing practices to support quick iterations.

Used technologies

AngularJS, Spring


After the successful launch, FreshDirect is focusing on expanding the service to additional cities.

Code and soda remains FreshDirect's technology partner of choice, offering ongoing business analysis, consulting, web development services and support.

Next Case

FreshDirect Customer self service enablement

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